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En Frisk Generation joins the adidas Breaking Barriers Project

Pictures of En Frisk Generations participation in th Breaking Barriers Project convening in Germany.The adidas Breaking Barrier Project convening

En Frisk Generation is proud to announce their participation in the adidas Breaking Barriers Project. The adidas Breaking Barriers Project is a five year, pan-European project with the objectives of increasing girls’ participation in sport by building the capacity of the sport-for-good ecosystem to better serve women and girls and to provide inspiration for girls to become their best selves.

En Frisk Generation wants to break barriers for girls and women in Sweden and is one out of 12 European organizations that has been selected for the project so far. En Frisk Generation is the only Swedish organization and is joined by Organization EARTH from Greece and Champions Ohne Grenzen from Germany in the adidas Breaking Barriers Project this year. Earlier participants include GAME (Denmark), Street League (UK) and Balon Mundial(Italy) among others.

In order to break barriers for girls in Europe, the adidas Breaking Barriers Project will involve 15 non-profit sports for good organizations across different regions of Europe across the five years, improving their capacity and capability to serve women and girls in their communities. As a part of the adidas Breaking Barriers Project over 100 Breaking Barriers Champions will be recruited through the organizations - young women leaders who have the capacity to inspire and influence others in their communities.

En Frisk Generation has five adidas Breaking Barriers Champions joining from Malmö, Stockholm and Västerås. They will get a rigorous leadership training before conceiving their own inclusive sports project that will be implemented in the organization.

-This Project has provided the opportunity to broaden our understanding of gender equity considerations right across our organization and given us a working blueprint towards a more inclusive and equitable society, says Janna Hellerup Ulvselius, Secretary General En Frisk Generation.

-We look forward to our continuing participation in this important Project.

This is not a campaign, but a commitment from adidas to break the barriers that women and girls face, and to give them access to sport that will support them in achieving in all aspects of their lives.

Delivery partners in the adidas Breaking Barrier Project are Common GoalWomen Win and 17 Sport.



For more information, contact:

Janna Hellerup Ulvselius

Secretary General, En Frisk Generation


+46 708 54 35 88

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